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Additional features

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On this page we present all the additional features of Kongressi event management

Thanks to the Kongressi modular design of Kongressi, the basic functions of the system can be expanded with the desired additional services.
Collect the extra features you want, and you don't have to pay for anything unnecessary.

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Event calendar

Kongressi event calendarEvent calendar

Kongressi has a direct connection to the event calendar, which shows the details of the published events with the registration link. The right to add events can also be given to partners.

In the event calendar, participants can:

  • Search events
  • Browse through the selection
  • Register to events

Events can also be published without a registration link and share the link only for the desired group.

Publish your event in event calendar

Event portal

Self-service portals for participants and lecturersEvent portals

Portal is a self-service center, which is accessed by a personal link or by logging in with username and password. Kongressi has custom portals for participants and lecturers.

Participant Portal:

  • Editing own information
  • Registration for events with a pre-filled form
  • Cancellation of participation
  • Printing a name tag, entry ticket or event pass
  • Loading materials added to the event
  • Own participation details

Lecturer Portal:

  • Maintenance of lecture contents
  • Sharing materials for participants
  • Reporting information for reward payments

Offer self-service in Kongressi


Kongressi OnsiteOnsite registration

Kongressi onsite speeds up event registration and removes queues from the venue. Onsite scans QR or bar codes from tickets and checks-in participants to the event or specific program section.

  • Printable name tags, event passes and tickets
  • Tickets sent in advance to email or participant portal, alternatively printing at the venue
  • Post-registration on site
  • Access granting
  • Attendance tracking

Mobile visitor registration

Kongressi mobile registration makes it possible to scan the visitors of an event, program or exhibition stand conveniently with your own phone.

  • Easy-to-use app
  • Does not require purchases for new equipment
  • Scan QR codes from tickets or badges
  • Offers desired extra service for exhibitors
  • Information about stand visitors available in the application

Kongressi mobile registration is additional service to events.

Remove the queues from entrances with Kongressi


Kongressi Feedback questionnairesFeedback questionnaires

With the Kongressi feedback and survey tool you can create individual polls and ask participants for feedback or hopes for the event.

  • Easy to use questionnaire and form tool
  • Versatile question types
  • Questions based on attendance or customer type
  • Real-time reporting
  • Possibility to link the certificate send-out to answering the questionnaire

Get better with feedback - Questionnaires in Kongressi


Certificates from KongressiCertificates

Send personalized certificates electronically from Kongressi or print them on paper.

  • Event or course-specific certificates
  • Editable certificate templates
  • Delivery in mass or individually
  • Certificate sending can be connected to answering the questionnaire

Certificates according to attendance information from Kongressi


Finance in KongressiBilling and Online payments

Kongressi provides tools for traditional billing and online payments.

  • Billing one by one, in mass or in consolidated invoice
  • Invoice printing, e-invoices and email invoices
  • Online payment interfaces (Paytrail, Netaxept, Svea Payments)
  • Payment registrations and allocations
  • Sales account and reminders
  • Compensations and refunds
  • Clear reports

Product management

In Kongressi invoicing is based on products and the orders those generate. Some examples of products: participation fee, an evening party, an excursion or accommodation.

  • Event-specific price list
  • Product descriptions
  • Different pricing models
  • Discounts (e.g. early bird pricing)
  • Product visibility and pricing for different types of customers
  • Minimum and maximum quantities of products and orders
  • Quotas and their real-time management
  • Product and subscription reports

Reward payments

Kongressi can be used to pay lecturer or performer fees and other event related expenses.

  • Setting and editing reward types
  • Reward payment based on lectures held
  • Collecting payment information securely on the Lecturer portal
  • Responsible person can accept the suggested fees to be paid
  • Formating payment materials
  • Integrations into payroll systems and incomes register


Budgeting allows you to plan the economy of the event and track the budget's implementation as the event approaches. Kongressi compares the set goals in real time to the event economics. For example, registration and online payment will take your event closer to your goals.

Budgeting can be based on data from past events. It can be used to assess the financial success of an event with different pricing models and number of participants.

Let the money flow - Online payments and billing in Kongressi

Membership register

Kongressi Membership registerMembership register

Kongessi includes a comprehensive membership register. The membership register has been developed in cooperation with our customers, making use of their experience of associations and clubs.

  • Member management
  • Extensive membership information, including qualifications, positions of trust, and accolades
  • Communication
  • Billing
  • Opportunity for self-service and pre-filled registration forms

Read more about Kongressi for Unions and associations.

Keep the facts in order with Kongressi


Accommodations in KongressiAccommodation management

Set up accommodation options in Kongressi, and let the event participants make reservations as they register to your event.

  • Managing hotel and room types
  • Accommodation quotas and real-time tracking
  • Visibility of quotas for different customer types
  • Reservations with code
  • Accommodation reports for partners
  • Online payments, billing from Kongressi or pay with the stay

Ensure a good night's sleep - accommodations management in Kongressi


Abstracts in KongressiAbstracts management

Collect the abstracts in Kongressi and share them for evaluation. The abstract management is connected to the Kongressi Program management, so the data can be automatically updated to the event program.

  • Abstract collection form
  • Managing abstract, writers and evaluators
  • Evaluator Portal and evaluation form
  • Sharing abstract between reviewers
  • Abstract Reports
  • Abstract Book

Collect and evaluate abstracts in Kongressi


Kongressi integrationsIntegrations

With the Kongressi integration interface you can import data from external systems, and transmit the information saved in the Kongressi e.g. to financial management software.

Kongressi supports in user management for example AD, Azure-AD, LDAP, Haka, Kieku and Fimnet authentications and single sign-on solutions. It is possible to integrate financial management systems (such as AX, SAP, Tikon, Sonet, NetVisor, Fivaldi, Rondo, Raindance) and various online payment services (Paytrail, Maksuturva, Nets) into Kongressi. In reward payments Kongressi has integrations with payroll systems and incomes register.

The Kongressi CRM integrations (Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics) maintain close relationships with your customers. Kongressi has also interfaces and RSS feeds, that can be used to retrieve for example event information for publishing systems.

Connect seamlessly with Kongressi integration sufraces

Event App

Event AppEvent App

Share your event information easily! In Kongressi Event App the most essential information about the event, up-to-date program and announcements are always available. The mobile-friendly app can be used in a browser regardless of the device. The event portal provides new tools for informing and interaction during the event.

Event App:

  • Event info
  • Event notifications
  • Location and area maps
  • Participation links to streamed lectures
  • Up-to-date program information
  • Message stream for participants' discussions during the lectures
  • Producing and monitoring Social Media content
  • Exhibitors and stands
  • Downloadable materials

Kongressi Event App


Kongressi webshopWebshop

The Kongressi Webshop is a great place to sell all kinds of products. The products sold in the online store are created in Kongressi Product Management. Products can be ordered to private persons, associations or organisations. The delivery address can be specified separately if necessary. Orders can be paid by invoice or online payment methods (Paytrail, Netaxept, Svea Payments).

Kongressin webshop:

  • Product Groups
  • Product descriptions
  • Pricing
  • Pictures
  • Product links, e.g. downloadable brochures
  • Calculation of delivery costs according to product weight
  • Payment methods invoice or online payments
  • Automatic confirmations for customers and warehouse

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Basic features

Kongressi basic features

In addition to the selected additional features, Kongressi includes all the essential tools to event organizing:
Event management
Customer management (CRM)
Registration forms

Kongressi enables you to organize all kinds of events and trainings smoothly. You can easily create stylish registration forms, and participants personal data automatically accumulates into the customer register. Reach the selected target audience simply through Kongressi Post office. You will receive also comprehensive reports about your events from Kongressi.

Read more about Kongressi basic features.