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Easy to use tools for organizing your event


Tools for organizing events and trainings

Here you can explore the core functions of the Kongressi event management solution.

The basic package of Kongressi provides you a wide range of tools for creating events and registration forms, managing personal data, communicating and reporting. The Kongressi functions can be upgraded with selected additional features.

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Event management

Kongressi event managementEvent and training management

Kongressi is used to plan and manage internal and external events. An individual event can be part of a larger entity, for example a training event may include lecture series divided into lectures.

  • Creating a new event or copying an event based on past event
  • Event program and schedules
  • Sharing tasks
  • Grouping and categorizing events
  • Support for concurrent parallel programs
  • Quotas and queuing for the whole event, programs and services for sale
  • Connection to the Kongressi Abstract management
  • Program and schedule reports
  • Managing organizer information

Keep your events rolling with Kongressi event management

Customer management

Customer register in KongressiCustomer management (CRM)

Kongressi gives you tools for a comprehensive management of people and their participation information.

  • Support for home, work and billing addresses
  • Different roles and customer types according to your own classifications
  • Participant lists and reports
  • Utilizing information in marketing
  • Customer history
  • Integration into different systems
  • Features required by GDPR

Grow your data bank with Kongressi Customer management

Registration form

Registration forms in KongressissaRegistration form

With the Kongressi registration form tool you can easily create and publish registration pages for your event. The information required in the registration form can be selected according to the nature and needs of the event.

  • Customizable automatic enrollment form in different languages
  • A responsive enrollment page works on all devices
  • Attendance information for lectures
  • Special diets and other restrictions
  • Free-form additional questions for participants
  • Automatic confirmation messages
  • Adding attachments
  • Queuing opportunity
  • Group registrations
  • Separate forms can be made for different groups of participants

Automate your events enrollments


Marketing and communication in KongressiCommunication

Utilize the Kongressi marketing and communication tools in event marketing. For example the event invitations can be sent to selected group of recipients.

  • E-mail and SMS messages
  • Sending attachments
  • Collecting marketing information and managing marketing licenses
  • Segmentation with a versatile search tool
  • A handy newsletter editor
  • Message templates and message scheduling

Sell and communicate effectively with Kongressi


Kongressi reporting toolsReports

Kongressi provides high quality real-time reports of all events.

  • Plenty of ready standard reports
  • Opportunity to create lists of people through versatile surveys
  • If necessary, reports can be developed according to the customer's needs

Get visible results of your events with Kongressi

Additional features

Kongressi additional features

The basic features of Kongressi can be expanded with optional additional features:

Event calendar  Finance
Event app  Membership register
Event portal  Accommodations
Onsite  Abstracts
Feedback  Web shop
Certificates  Integrations

Get to know the additional features of Kongressi.

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