A complete system for managing customer information, services, marketing and billing.


Simple customer management

The Vision is designed for easy and efficient management of all the information you need in the customer service. The system gives 360° view of your customer, including customer information, orders and invoicing. The quality of customer service increases as the creation of new customers and the processing of orders is fast and all the information you need can be found in the same program.

Concrete products

The Vision helps to productize the services and to market them successfully. Adding a new product has been made as easy as possible so that the products are immediately available for sales. The modern product management also includes marketing tools with campaigns, product development, purchases and full reporting.

Accurate marketing

The Vision reaches the desired group effortlessly when marketing can be precisely targeted according to customer order profiles. Marketing results can be evaluated using a comprehensive reporting tool.

Smooth invoicing

The Vision handles the billing of the services conveniently and performs several actions automatically. The agile billing system takes account of customer and service-specific billing periods, order breaks, and invoices customers as agreed in advance or afterwards. The Vision automates the recording of performance and provides powerful tools for collecting and recovering debts in account ledger.

Scalable software

The Vision grows flexibly with your operations. Managing the entire networks client base can be handled with the cloud service and capacity can easily be expanded into multi-server customer service system. The Vision is also a versatile business platform that allows you to rent a network to partners and resellers, all of whom can work in the same environment.

Integrations with external systems

The Vision works seamlessly with many external services and hardware. For example, the system can be connected to an external sales service, online payments and banking, financial management software, invoice printing or debt collection services.

Active connections

The Vision advanced device management ensures that the services sold are provided to the customer smoothly. The connection to the client is established through an authorized network and managed device. Devices or things to be authorized may include: smart devices and TV's, content access, home terminals, cable modems, email accounts, IP addresses and software licenses.


Possibilities of the Vision

The versatile software offers the opportunity for comprehensive customer management across a variety of industries.

Tele operators device management

Telecom operators

Experience brings certainty

The first version of Vision was launched in 1988 and the software is now the market leader in Finnish operator management. The system was originally developed especially for the needs of pay-TV, broadband and telecom operators. The Vision has made it easier for operators to handle demanding device management and process customer data in a cost-effective manner.

The future of device management

New uses

Countless possibilities

The Vision system logic can be used to read or control any device connected to the Internet. As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, only imagination limits the development of Vision for different uses. The world is now open to pioneers who can gain a significant competitive edge in their activities with new ideas.


The Vision modules

The Vision consists of modules, of which the main modules are product management, customer management, authorization and device management, finance and support services.

Vision modules

Product management

The Vision product management enables marketing, reporting, purchase and product creation. New product can be easily added and implemented right away. Open product structure is ready to be filled up, that makes adding a new product as simple as possible and time-to-market is visibly reduced.

  • Add new products, channels
  • Create campaigns
  • Set authorization and access parameters
  • Maintain supply channels
  • Market new services

Customer management

The Vision customer management takes care of customer information, deals with orders and agreements. You will have a complete overall picture of your customer, including order and payment information. The module covers the entire customer process, starting with adding a new client, up to order management and sales.

  • Add new customer
  • Register new order
  • Maintain customer information
  • Make customer segmentation
  • Improve customer service

Authorization and Device Management

The Vision provisions customer devices and orders. You can check location of each device, import data about new devices, rent and sale devices. Authorization can be done in real time and the authorization status is shown in the system.

  • Authorize services
  • Create storages
  • Add sales channels
  • Import device information
  • Check device reports


The Vision provides plenty of options for billing, such as prepaid, on-line and postpaid payment methods. The collection of receivables becomes more efficient, when the account ledger reminds you automatically about unpaid bills and subscription terms. The Vision provides also versatile economy reports.

  • Invoice services
  • Import payments
  • Send reminders
  • Make economy reports
  • Improve payment collection

Help Desk

The Vision module for customer support and fault management. Customers contact the service via telephone, e-mail or web. The program tracks customers’ requests; they can be checked-up and updated in real time. Finally, the requests statistics is automatically analyzed.

  • Register service requests
  • Manage resources
  • Track tickets
  • Make ticket reports
  • Optimize technical support

Additional elements

Optional features can be added to the system, such as browser based Vision Self-care or Vision Real Estate. All modules are connected to each other, so managing the entire operation is simple.



Thanks to the following Vision’s features, our clients are efficient in return on sales:

Vision benefits

  • Web based interface gives 360 ° view of the customer
  • New services are implemented very fast
  • Billing and post office functions can be automated
  • Customers, resellers and partners can be managed in the same program
  • Handy and effective device management tools
  • Self-care and Help desk optimize work with customers
  • Personnel training takes about two hours

Nowadays it is very important that you can do more tasks in one system. The Vision includes all the needed tools and takes care of the tasks, manages and automates the processes. With Vision the operators have a real time access to customers’ information and data analysis tools. Achieved cost minimization and customer service optimization will enable new recourses for the future development.

In addition to the current needs and services, the Vision platform has enough potential to grow new services and support them. Vision can be tailored to special needs of the operator and integrated to external systems.

The Vision has proved its efficiency and as a result it has gained a broad customer base and a position of market leadership in Finland.

Vision FAQ

Frequently asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions about Vision.

1. What can be done with Vision?
Vision has been designed for the broadband & pay-TV management, marketing and billing operations. The basic functions are: taking care of customer information, billing, authorization and reporting. However, it is possible to have some special features, which are unique for a customer. In that case, we provide a solution how to handle that within the system.

2. How long does it take to study Vision?
Usually programs should be practiced for a long time, but you need only two hours to study the basics in Vision! Program’s interface has been designed to simplify the working processes. All the actions do not take a lot of time and easy to execute. For example, you need several minutes, to handle the following operations:

  • creating new customer
  • entering new information
  • adding new product, campaigns etc.

3. Is it possible to integrate Vision with some other systems?
Sure, it is possible. Vision was launched in 1987 and lots of integrations have been done ever since. The program has been built in a way that it can be integrated with other systems and in order to be flexible. Some examples: CAS systems, external ordering systems, online payment, debt collection agencies, service providers offering print out of invoices, etc.

4. How do you install the Vision?
Software is based on three main servers: Web, Application and Database. Vision appears as a web-based program and it can be updated at once easily. There is no need for installations at a client’s side; the installation is done only at the server’s side.

5. What are the options for Self care?
Self Care portal can be on operator’s web site, where customer is able to make orders by himself, update own information, answer questionnaires, leave feedbacks etc. Passwords for Self-Care are generated in Vision’s customer care.

6. Which types of customers can be managed in the Vision?
In Customer care there are two types of customers: legal entities and natural persons. In Help Desk you are able to keep information about service companies and in Real Estate you can manage house managers and estates. If operator uses Vision for wholesale activities, partners and resellers can be easily managed in the system.

7. Which types of products can be configured in Vision?
There is a wide variety of products, which can be created and managed in Vision. Some examples are: PAY-TV, VOD, Triple Play, Cable TV, IPTV, Pre-paid services, E-mail, Games and VOIP. Some product types can be set in default and others can be created according to the client’s needs. You can enter products, which should be authorized and others, without any need for authorization.

8. How can I manage products with devices in Vision?
Product management and device management are very important parts in our program. To make operator’s everyday work easier, the processes are designed to be fast and logic. Vision‘s interface supports you, when you create new device storage or make a new product. If device is needed for some product, program will let you know about such a requirement.

9. Twelve times per year we have to do monthly reports, could Vision be useful in reporting?
Yes, Vision can also do reporting. In the program you can find several ways how to do that: normal report function, through the post office and by using special report tools.

10. How does billing work in Vision?
Mass billing and manual billing functions are available in Vision. Mass billing procedures can be automated and invoice log tracks how the operation has gone. Invoices can be sent by post or by e-mail. Print out of bills can be done via printing house or by operator itself.

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