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What can you do with Kongressi?
Kongressi is suitable for organizing events of all sizes and types. With Kongressi you can easily arrange a company recreation day, a multi-level training program or an international scientific conference.

Kongressi has many features, but we only need a few. Do we also have to pay for the features we don't use?
In Kongressi you can choose the additional features you want. You will get an offer based on the number of features and user licenses, so you don't have to pay for anything unnecessary.

My event will host an evening party for special guests, and I don't want any questions about it to be made public. How would this work in Kongressi?
In Kongressi you can make multiple forms for the same event, so you can ask selected questions to different groups of participants. Others will not see the questions when you send the registration link from the Post Office only to invited guests.

We organize more events than we thought and the number of participants is growing. Will the Kongressi cost increase?
Don't worry, because Kongressi includes an unlimited number of events and attendees. In Kongressi you pay only for the selected features and number of users.

We have one user license for Kongressi. Can multiple people share the same user-ID?
It is not recommended, because the Kongressi user IDs are personal. Personal user accounts are especially important for security matters. Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDDPR) the processing of personal data leaves an automatic log entry to Kongressi, which identifies the modifier.

How do I prevent that all of our Kongressi users can't see information about all events and people?
In Kongressi the access rights are defined by user and event specific.

General questions

General questions

How fast can I get to use my Kongressi?
You will have access to Kongressi in the next business day after signing the service agreements.

What does the service agreement mean?
The service agreement is based on the IT2018 contract collection that takes into account the GDPR.

What do we need to get started with the Kongressi?
All you need is an Internet connection and an up-to-date browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari).

Why Internet Explorer is not on the list of supported browsers?
Microsoft has stopped supporting and developing Internet Explorer, which causes eg. security challenges. Modern browsers also work faster and more reliably.

How the service pricing is formed?
We are happy to make an offer tailored to your needs. Monthly rent is charged for the use of the service, i.e. the license. Pricing is based on the number of features and users.

Where can I use Kongressi?
You can use our services anywhere you have an internet connection, but are not recommended for use outside the EEA. Communication between the browser and our services is encrypted.

Can my colleagues use Kongressi?
The Kongressi is logged in with a username and password. User IDs are managed by the administrator of each organization. The number of users is not limited, but additional users are charged. The prices for additional user licenses are determined by the price list.

What is the minimum order time for a continuous service?
The minimum order time for services is three months.

What is the period of notice for continuous service?
The notice period is three months. The supplier's notice period is six months.

How often do I get an invoice for using the software?
Program rentals are billed quarterly in advance. Any other ordered services will be billed on a late basis.

Does the service include support?
Our services include user support for administrators on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm via telephone and email. Phone support is not part of the Light license. Service levels are described in more detail in the Service Agreement.



Where are the entered data saved?
The data is stored on servers located in Finland.

How do I back up my data?
You don't have to take backups, we do it for you.

What happens to data if I stop using the service?
The information is your property. If desired, the information will be provided to you electronically, eg as a CSV file. Unless otherwise agreed, data and their backups will be removed from the server no later than two months after the termination of the service.

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