Software package for the broadband & pay-TV management, marketing and billing operations.

Vision modules

The main Vision modules are: product management, customer management, authorization and device management, economy and help desk.


Product management

Enables marketing, reporting, purchase and product creation. New product can be easily added and implemented right away. Open product structure is ready to be filled up, that makes adding a new product as simple as possible and time-to-market is visibly reduced.

  • Add new products, channels
  • Create campaigns
  • Set authorization and access parameters
  • Maintain supply channels
  • Market new services

Customer management

Takes care of customers, deals with orders and agreements. In Vision you will have a 360° view of your customer, including order and payment information. That module takes care of the whole process, starting from adding a new client information to the system up to orders management and sales.

  • Add new customer
  • Register new order
  • Maintain customer information
  • Make customer segmentation
  • Improve customer service

Authorization and Device Management

Provisions customer devices and orders. You can check location of each device, import data about new devices, rent and sale devices. Authorization can be done in real time and the authorization status is shown in the system.

  • Authorize services
  • Create storages
  • Add sales channels
  • Import device information
  • Check device reports

Help Desk

Is a module for customer support and fault management. Customers contact the service via telephone, e-mail or web. The program tracks customers’ requests; they can be checked-up and updated in real time. Finally, the requests statistics is automatically analyzed.

  • Register service requests
  • Manage resources
  • Track tickets
  • Make ticket reports
  • Optimize technical support


Supports billing process and debt collection. Prepaid, on-line and postpaid payment methods can be used. Account ledger reminds you automatically about unpaid bills and subscription terms. Various economy reports can be done.

  • Invoice services
  • Import payments
  • Send reminders
  • Make economy reports
  • Improve payment collection

Additional elements

Optional features can be added to the system, such as browser based Vision Self-care or Vision Real Estate. All these modules are interconnected on purpose. They make the whole range of clients and sales care simple and logic. The modules conduct the process of operations management.