Software package for the broadband & pay-TV management, marketing and billing operations.


Thanks to the following Vision’s features, our clients are efficient in return on sales:

  1. Web based interface gives 360 ° view of the customer
  2. New services are implemented very fast
  3. Billing and post office functions can be automated
  4. Customers, resellers and partners can be managed in the same program
  5. Handy and effective device management tools
  6. Self-care and Help desk optimize work with customers
  7. Personnel training takes about two hours

One system takes care of the current needs and services; at the same time its platform has enough potential for the deployment of the new services and its support. Vision can be tailored to some special needs of the operator and integrated to external systems.

More than 30 operators all over Finland are using Vision. The program has proved its efficiency by being a market leader in Finland. Nowadays it is very important to have one system, which includes all needed tools and takes care of the tasks, manages and automates the processes. With Vision operators have a real time access to customers’ information, data analysis tools and all functional capabilities mentioned above. Achieved cost minimization and customer service optimization will enable new recourses for the future development.