Software package for the broadband & pay-TV management, marketing and billing operations.

Vision - Functional solution for pay-TV and broadband operators

Vision is specially designed for broadband & pay-TV management, marketing and billing operations. It is a complete, easy and logical system for operators’ daily routines. Vision takes care of the most important processes, such as customer care, order and product management, authorization, device management, invoicing and collecting. Program supports such services as IPTV, cable TV, VoD, VoIP, n-play, games and others.


Vision software is available in different languages, such as Finnish, English, Swedish, Russian and Polish. Program has a user friendly web interface and it offers a 360° view of your customer. Pay-TV operators use Vision to optimize their customer services & support; and to speed up implementation of new services.

The software is scalable and suits both small and big operators. For small and middle sized operators Vision gives a cost-effective solution to maintain and develop their business operations on a new quality level. For big operators, Vision offers new ways to manage resellers and partners in one system and to streamline customer care and service implementation.


The first version of Vision was launched in 1988 and it soon became the market leader in Finland. First it was launched as program for the authorization of analog set-top boxes with a PC and in two years it was used by national operator for managing over 20 networks. Over the last 20 years the program has been developed in accordance with clients’ needs and requirements. Close co-operation with our clients explains this market success of the Vision system.