Software package for the broadband & pay-TV management, marketing and billing operations.


  1. What can be done with Vision system?
  2. "Vision has been designed for the broadband & pay-TV management, marketing and billing operations. The basic functions are: taking care of customer information, billing, authorization and reporting. However, it is possible to have some special features, which are unique for a customer. In that case, we provide a solution how to handle that within the system."

  3. How long does it take to study Vision?
  4. "Usually programs should be practiced for a long time, but you need only two hours to study the basics in Vision! Program’s interface has been designed to simplify the working processes. All the actions do not take a lot of time and easy to execute. For example, you need several minutes, to handle the following operations:

    -creating new customer,
    -entering new information
    -adding new product, campaigns etc."

  5. Is it possible to integrate Vision with some other systems?
  6. "Sure, it is possible. Vision was launched in 1987 and lots of integrations have been done ever since. The program has been built in a way that it can be integrated with other systems and in order to be flexible. Some examples: CAS systems, external ordering systems, online payment, debt collection agencies, service providers offering print out of invoices, etc "

  7. How do you install the program?
  8. "Software is based on three main servers: Web, Application and Database. Vision appears as a web-based program and it can be updated at once easily. There is no need for installations at a client’s side; the installation is done only at the server’s side."

  9. What are the options for Self care?
  10. "Self Care portal can be on operator’s web site, where customer is able to make orders by himself, update own information, answer questionnaires, leave feedbacks etc. Passwords for Self-Care are generated in Vision’s customer care."

  11. Which types of customers can be managed in the program?
  12. "In Customer care there are two types of customers: legal entities and natural persons. In Help Desk you are able to keep information about service companies and in Real Estate you can manage house managers and estates.
    If operator uses Vision for wholesale activities, partners and resellers can be easily managed in the system."

  13. Which types of products can be configured in Vision?
  14. "There is a wide variety of products, which can be created and managed in Vision. Some examples are: PAY-TV, VOD, Triple Play, Cable TV, IPTV, Pre-paid services, E-mail, Games and VOIP.  Some product types can be set in default and others can be created according to the client’s needs. You can enter products, which should be authorized and others, without any need for authorization."

  15. How can I manage products with devices in Vision?
  16. "Product management and device management are very important parts in our program. To make operator’s everyday work easier, the processes are designed to be fast and logic. Vision‘s interface supports you, when you create new device storage or make a new product. If device is needed for some product, program will let you know about such a requirement."

  17. Twelve times per year we have to do monthly reports, could Vision be useful in reporting?
  18. "Yes, Vision can also do reporting. In the program you can find several ways how to do that: normal report function, through the post office and by using special report tools."

  19. How does billing work in Vision?
  20. "Mass billing and manual billing functions are available in Vision. Mass billing procedures can be automated and invoice log tracks how the operation has gone. Invoices can be sent by post or by e-mail. Print out of bills can be done via printing house or by operator itself."