The company's purpose is to produce and develop unique and easy-to-use software.


Software package for the broadband & pay-TV management, marketing and billing operations.
Our solution for event management. Manage your conferences, exhibitions and seminars online.
Membership management software for organizations, unions and associations.


Software development

We have been developing software for over 20 years. Tailored and customized solutions, which we provide are developed together with our customers and based on their needs and requirements. Our aim is to help our customers to achieve competitive advantage with our products and services. We use modern tools and agile methods in our work and our services cover the whole lifecycle of software development. We are used to help and work with customer's processes, system requirements, design, coding, testing, installing, start up and maintenance. We prefer to walk the development path together with our customers and we are able to speak the "simple language", for example by using easy-to-understand use cases and user stories in the beginning of the journey.


We continuously improve our products and act proactive, while maintaining the functionality of our products. We use customers' feedback as an important source for the maintenance work.


Our support team will ensure that you won't be left alone if you have any problems. The support team provides a continuing guarantee for our products. We provide support services by phone, by mail, by remote access or by coming to the site. Support can be cost effectively expanded up to 24/7 mode.


Our expertise and know-how are in CRM, invoicing, integrations, databases and web based user interfaces.


We arrange continuous training for our customers. We are willing to travel as well as you are welcome to our office for the training. Training program is usually agreed together with customer and planned for different target groups. We also provide material to support the continuous training inside the companies, when the first wave has been trained. In training we believe in learning by doing and include lots of practical tasks into our training programs.